Residential & Commercial Strata Management

Use our expertise in Strata Management to keep things running smoothly. The team at Cortes Management Group are skilled professionals with the experience and knowledge to ensure your strata complex runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Effectively manage your strata complex.

  • Avoid the day-to-day worries of strata management.

  • Reduce your workload and stress.

  • Protect your investment.

Foremost, we understand that communication between the strata manager and the owner’s corporation is vital and you’ll always have access to our trained personnel who ensure all queries and affairs are effectively managed at an affordable cost and in accordance with your expectations and the laws.

We are a professionally operated business that has retained family values from its inception and our primary focus is to provide exceptional customer service at competitive rates.

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Residential Strata Management

Residential Strata Management

Managing residential strata can often be a complicated process and requires constant management, guidance and good processes to make sure the owners are well informed & protected. We ensure risk to the investors is minimized through efficient & prompt communication between all parties. The team at Cortes Management Group are very experienced in both residential property management and strata management so we can alleviate the pressure.

Commercial Strata Management

Commercial Strata Management

Managing commercial property can have its fair share of challenges, especially when businesses rely on common areas and/or common services to be working effectively and efficiently at all times.  We understand these challenges and attend to them promptly, effectively and deal with the many facets of commercial strata complex management.

Our Strata Management Services

We work on behalf of a group of property owners within a strata scheme to support the effective management of day-to-day operations and the long-term financial goals of a strata complex.

This is our specialist area of property management and all our staff are kept at the forefront of all legislative requirements of strata complex management. Cortes Management Group staff attends regular training sessions to ensure we are up to date with all aspects of strata management and the regulations.


This is an all inclusive Strata management fee, which takes into consideration all the aspects pertaining to a Strata property and the day to day, quarterly and annual aspect.

Management Plus

This provides the standard services, which pertain to the accounts of the strata management aspect, there are provisions for extra services which are charged on demand.

Management Basics

Suits small strata properties where the strata manager is responsible for the accounts payable aspect of the strata property. Responsibilities are shared between the council of owners and us.

Management Basics plan allows for the council of owners to take on responsibility and be hands on with the management of the strata complex and the responsibilities are shared between the council of owners and Cortes Management Group.

For a full product disclosure statement of our Strata Management fee structure, please contact us.