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At the forefront of our real estate services is our dedicated property management services for both residential and commercial properties in Perth, Western Australia. As a property management company, it’s our business to market your rental property, select a tenant and manage your property, but it’s our approach, our manner, the way we deal with people and importantly, our fees that makes the difference – that’s what sets us apart.

Our property management service is tailored to suit your property portfolio and we know exactly how to manage your rental property and take away the hassles and all the time consuming aspects that come with managing a rental property. The proof is in what our clients say about us and the consistently high occupancy rate in all the properties we manage.

  • Avoid the day-to-day worries of property management.
  • Reduce your workload and stress.
  • Protect your investment.

Property Management Fees & More Information

For more information about our Property Management Fees and services, view our fee plans.

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Residential & Commercial Property Management

We manage all aspects of rental properties and investment properties and provide dedicated support 7 days a week to both landlords and tenants.

We deal directly with landlords and tenants and are very good at coordinating all the services you need like; screening tenants, writing ads & marketing, collecting rent, preparing lease agreements, checking and handling repairs and maintenance issues, responding to tenant complaints and even pursuing evictions, and answering lots of phone calls on behalf of the property owner. Plus, we keep track of your rental income and expenses in maintaining the property to make sure you stay on target with your property investment returns and help you to maximize your rental return.

Residential Property Management

Managing Investment Properties

Commercial Property Management

Property Management Services

You decide the level of management you want depending on your needs. We are happy to offer our property management services tailored to suit you. You can choose one or all of our property management services from our full property management service or you may just want us to collect the rent and you manage the rest.

  • Advice on matters such as rental values, rent reviews and insurance.
  • Advice on any repairs that should be done before the property can be let.
  • Ensure your properties condition and presentation is in line with tenant expectations.
  • Advertising for and locating potential tenants.
  • Negotiating a rent appropriate for the property, the area and the current market conditions.
  • Selecting tenants and letting the property.
  • Preparing a property condition report at the start of the tenancy and checking the property’s inventory.
  • Collecting the rent payments.
  • Inspecting the property and ensuring it is suitably maintained.
  • Reporting and arranging for necessary repairs and maintenance to the extent authorised.
  • Paying accounts, such as water service charges, council rates and strata levies.
  • Collecting and lodging the bond with the Bond Administrator (the Department of Commerce) in accordance with the Act.
  • Preparing a periodic or fixed-term residential tenancy agreement.
  • Providing relevant notices and financial statements to you.
  • Attending meetings, such as strata company meetings.
  • Issuing breach/termination notices to the tenant, or arranging for court proceedings when appropriate.
  • Attending court on your behalf in any disputes with tenants.
  • At the end of the tenancy, preparing a property condition report and finalising matters relating to the release of security bonds

Property Maintenance

We have a number of managers dedicated to your property, each specialising and focusing on specific areas of property management and tenancy. Plus, our in-house handymen make sure all aspects of the property’s maintenance are completed swiftly and cost-effectively without compromising quality of workmanship.

Because of these dedicated people, we can resolve most matters the same day we receive a call. And most importantly, there is someone available to take a call from tenants or owners almost all the time. If we do miss a call and a message is left, we endeavor to return the call within 2 hours.

In-house Maintenance

We have an in-house handyman who carries out a large portion of repairs & maintenance jobs around the property. Minor jobs are completed at no extra cost and are covered under our management fee. For example: Say a door handle becomes loose. Most agents will send a handyman or tradesman to tighten the door handle, costing the client call-out fees and time. Because this type of minor maintenance is covered by our management fee, our handyman goes out at no cost to the client.

For larger repairs & maintenance: If our handyman can fix the problem, he will for a much lower cost than agency subcontractors. And if major repairs are necessary, in most cases these repairs are covered by the bond or insurance. For example: If that same door handle needs to be replaced because it’s stopped working, a locksmith will charge over $100 plus materials, a contractor will charge over $80 plus materials. Our office charges $45 + materials.

Inspection Manager

Our Inspection Manager inspects properties and reports any issues to the Maintenance Manager. He performs regular property condition reports and knows the condition of the property from start to finish. He makes sure the property is kept to the same standard throughout the tenancy.

Maintenance, Lease Renewal & Tenancy Manager

Our Maintenance Manager addresses property maintenance, keeps track of what has been spent on the property, and at the time of lease renewal, negotiates the rent to offset some of the expenses.

Leasing & Business Development Manager

Our BDM/Leasing Manager leases properties as quickly as possible to low-risk tenants. He guides client’s step by step through our detailed services and ensures their property is leased in a timely manner.

Accounts & Administration

Our accounts and administration staff make sure tenants pay the rent and water usage on time. They also pay creditors on behalf of owners, processes owner payments, and issue easy to read monthly statements for owner’s accountants.

High Risk Manager

Our High Risk Manager handles any disputes or complaints from owners or tenants, issues notices to tenants, applies to the court, and attends court on any matters to make sure the owner’s risk is minimised. He also handles any insurance claims with the assistance of the Maintenance Manager.

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