Application Information

The following information applies when submitting an application to lease a residential property with Cortes Management Group.

  • The applicant is to complete this form only if the applicant is certain that they want to enter into a lease agreement with the lessor.
  • This application does not constitute a lease agreement in any way shape or form.
  • This application form is merely the applicant’s intentions to be considered as a tenant for the property by the lessor.
  • If the applicant is successful, the applicant acknowledges that a bond equivalent to four weeks rent and two weeks rent in advance will be payable prior to the lease agreement being signed.
  • The applicant acknowledges that if a pet is to form part of the lease agreement a pet bond of $260.00 is to be paid prior to the lease agreement being signed.
  • It would be the responsibility of the applicant to obtain contents insurance for belongings. Once the lease has been signed. The landlord takes no responsibility if in the case that the applicants belonging was to be damaged, lost or stolen.
  • If the applicant is successful, this application does not constitute the lease. A lease will be drafted and a date and time will be agreed upon in order to sign the lease. The date and time is not to exceed 48 hours, unless agreed upon by both parties.
  • Upon the application being approved, the applicant will need to pay one weeks rent into the nominated trust account, as a holding deposit in order to confirm your acceptance. If the deposit is not paid within 24 hrs, the property will be re-advertised.
  • The applicant acknowledges that once the holding fee is received, this application becomes a legal binding contract and the holding fee becomes non-refundable.
  • The applicant shall obtain vacant possession once the lease has been signed and all due monies paid in full.
  • The following supporting documents must be submitted with this application:
    1. 100 Points of identification of all applicants.
      Drivers License-40 points
      Passport (including Visa permit)-70 points
      Birth Certificate-70 points
      Australian Citizen Certificate-70 points
      Veterans affair card-40 points
      Medicare card -25 points
    2. Previous two pay slips or centre link statements of all applicants.
  • The applicant acknowledges that protective pads must be used with the furniture in order to protect the floorboards in the property.
  • The applicant acknowledges that all utility accounts are the sole responsibility of the applicants. The owner takes no responsibility for the utilities accounts and or services.
  • The applicant acknowledges that water consumption will be invoiced upon demand, with a copy of the water consumption account. The account is to be paid within 14 days.
  • The applicant acknowledges that it is the responsibility of the applicant to replace batteries to all remotes pertaining to the property and all smoke alarms.
  • The owner shall be responsible for the maintenance of the property where fair wear and tear has taken place. If in the case that any maintenance is due as a direct result of the applicants oversight, then the applicant will be responsible for the payment of the invoice/s accrued to rectify the matter. This includes but not limited to: Blocked drains due to toys, grease, hair and or any other objects which does not constitute wear and tear.
  • The applicant acknowledges that all bond monies are sent to the Bonds Administrator once the lease agreement has been signed. At the end of the tenancy a bond disposal form must be completed and signed by the applicant, in order for the bond administrator to release the funds.
  • The lessor reserves the right to reject and or accept this application at the lessor’s discretion.
  • The applicant acknowledges that the lessor and or the managing agent will use the information in order to check various databases for any inconsistencies that may be a risk to the lessor.